Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newk Dudes Are Baller

This week is our 2 year anniversary.

We were posting some of our old favorites.

The only thing able to stop this nostalgic trip down
mammary lane, is an email from our good pal,
Frank the Stank.

Get cozy, and enjoy...

Yo newk! this your your boy frank the stank. I seen that you was havin an annusversary of 2 years. and i wanted to send an email and say that you newk dudes are baller! i feel like i been reading dis for like mad years. not just 2. Im thinkin like 7 years or sumpthin. but i beleive you when you say its only been the 2. oh snap..... turrible twos! Stuffs about to get real interestting around here huh. I remember when i turned 2. my mom got all pissed at me and my brother 'tommy two times' cause we was watchin fat albert and was all...... hey hey heeeeeeyyyyyy. Like a bunch of times real loud and stuff. she was mad heated. i miss being 2. alright later.
frank the stank

With each email, our fondness for young Francis grows like
a virgin wiener at the nudie club.

And the more we learn of his fascinating life, the more
we crave.

We may have a problem here.

Turrible Twos!!!


Lucy said...

They say that the further back you remember in your childhood the more intelligent you are....the fact that Frank can remember back to age two.....he must be SUPER INTELLIGENT....I'm just sayin'

Seeds of Doom said...

I'm lucky if I can remember how to get back to the NEWK website without help! I know I may not be the spiciest wing in the basket, but I'm cool enough to make up the intellectual shortcomings. But, with theNEWK, I get the best of both worlds: spicy AND intellectual!! Oh, and I'm still waiting for the invite...hmmmmm???

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