Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lotsa Peepers

Another day, another milestone.

At some point yesterday, we went over 50,000 hits.

That's a rather large deal for us.

We can remember being blown away when we hit 500.

We knew that half of those were from our mothers, and various
other family members that we forced to read this drivel.

The fact that we continue getting new readers not only humbles
us, it makes us feel like the sexiest mo-fo's in the 724.

Now, there may have been news for us to talk about today.

But we decided to toot our own horns.

Does "toot your own horn" mean masturbation?

Cause if so, that's totally what we meant to say.

Anyways, feel free to congratulate us, and tell us how
awesome we are.

Our egos could use some stroking...

just like "our horns."

Editor's Note:
The picture to begin this post is only there because we google-imaged
"50k," and that was one of the pictures that popped up.

We dug it.


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