Friday, April 1, 2011

FTS Friday

Is there a better way to celebrate the start of the weekend that's better than a good email from Frank the Stank?

We think not.

Yo newk dudes
I was readin yesterdays post about the water billz and it started me thinkin. it didn't start me thinkin anything in porticular but it did make me think. so thanks for that. then the other day I made ham bbqs and I was eating them all sloppy like and it was all over my cheeks. the ones on my face you know. I love ham bbqs. I can't wait to cook out soon. summer is the best.

much loves
frank the stank


Have a great weekend friends.

Most of all you, Frank.


Seeds of Doom said...

That's what you get for thinking!!

Seeds of Doom said...

Oh, said, "We think not." My bad!

Lucy said...

Having the analytical mind that I do...I did see the connection between the water bills and the ham bbq's.....If Frank did not pay his water bills, then Frank would have no water to wash his cheeks off when he ate his sloppy ham bbq's. Frank is much smarter than you all think....just needs to use spell check a little more!

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