Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feels Like Yesterday

Welcome To theNEWK!

This is your one stop interweb place for all things concerning the
New Kensington, Pa. and surrounding areas.

We will have everything from restaurant reviews to
local events and personalities.

Check back daily and don't forget to tell your friends.


That was our very first post, just a short 2 years ago today.

That's right kids... it's our 2 year anniversary!


What did you get us???

We bet it's something totally awesome...

Like a bunch of porn or a case of PBR Light, huh?

But it's cool if you didn't get us anything.

Most of you didn't even know until right now anyways.

Now, as we looked back, and reposted our first ever entry, we
thought about how great that first post was.

Seriously, go back and read it again.

If you were one of the lucky 2 people that actually clicked on
our site that day, you would have know immediately that over the
next two years, some of the greatest internet literary works would
fly from our well groomed fingertips.

So here's our plan for the this week...

Other than filling you in on the goings-ons around the Newk, we will
take you back to some of our most favorite pieces.

It will be a ride like no other, so buckle up, and hang on to
your nipples.

Now, knowing us, we will likely just post past articles and nothing new.

Because we look for any excuse to take a little time off from this site.

Don't get us wrong, we love doing it.

(We also love "doing it," you know... in the perverted sense.)

If we didn't have this site, we would probably have too much time
on our hands, and be forced to do things such as...

Donate time to charities.
Go to the gym.
Visit more with our families.
Travel this great country.

So thank jeebus we have this site, eh?

We kid, we kid.

Now tell us how great we are, and what a difference we've made
in your life.


Lucy said...


Lucy said...

Oh...wait...I was supposed to tell you how great you are...."YOU'RE Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious GREAT" and the difference you made in my life is that my hubby (top ten reader, Ed) now thinks he is a celebrity and is a very happy camper! Love you, guys/gals...keep up the awesome work!!!

Seeds of Doom said...

Must echo my superlative sentiments at the sensational strides of stupefyingly scintillating stuff you've succeeded in scattering and spattering so studiously from stem to stern in this site of such special (needs) specialness. I hope this doesn't cause your collective heads (wink, wink) to swell uncomfortably with pride. Also hope this doesn't make me have to go out and rent a tux. You guys rock, okay, but COME ON!!!

Lucy said...

...see??...what did I tell ya! (Top ten Ed's wife)

Seeds of Doom said...

She got my title wrong...she forgets I can read *sigh*...

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