Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Times On the Horizon

Unfortunately, not those Good Times.

We are talking about the festivals, carnival, fireworks, bike race
and a memorial walk being planned for the celebration of L.B.C.'s
(Lower Burrell City) 5oth anniversary.
"A lot of nice things are coming down the pike."
said Mayor Don Kinosz

We have no idea what pike he is talking about, so whatever.

They were talking about holding some of the events at Wolf Pack Park,
but they are worried about mud and ruining the grass.

C'mon now. Lay down some hay, ala the Arnold Pig Roast, Hyde Park
Days, or the Springdale Carnival.

Has the LBC always been this soft?

They are also talking about holding events in the Hillcrest parking lot,
or the lot where JC Penny and Monkey Wards used to rule the local
capitalist region.

There will also be a parade on Leechburg rd. sometime in September.


Color us baby blue and white.


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