Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where Is Errybody?

Recently, the Associated Press decided to look at over 3,000
neighborhoods statewide.

Were they trying to confirm that theNewK was the baddest of them all?

In short, no.

They were checking out which hoods had the most vacant houses in them.
Sounds like busy work to us. But hey, whatever.

And now for the results:

With a 20.8% vacancy rate, New Kensington Hill came in 8th place in the state!

Too bad they weren't counting tennis shoes hanging on wires.

Because we would have taken home the gold, sucka!

Other notable local neighborhoods...

L.A. (Lower Arnold) repped a strong 20.6%
Not bad.

• Arnold Hill, 20.2%

• Downtown New Kensington and Parnassus, 18.9%

• Vandergrift (eastern portion), 16.2%

• Harrison, from the Allegheny River to Freeport Road, 13.1%

• Tarentum, 12%

• Vandergrift (central portion), 11.3%

• Brackenridge, 10.6%

• Leechburg, 9.5%

Monessen took state with 26%.

Go Greyhounds!


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