Monday, May 18, 2009

Bear Mountain?

Center Avenue in the Mount Vernon section of theNEWK is
generally rather quiet.

Other than some local traffic and a few playful children.

Well, today there was a little bit more action than the residents are used to.

Was it a parade?


Was it a street concert benefiting cystic fibrosis?
Unfortunately, no.

Was it a 150 lb black bear in a tree?


Yes, yes it was a 150 lb black bear in a tree.
On Center Avenue in Mount Vernon.

So, they ended up shooting the bear in a tree with a tranquilizer.
The bear fell about 20 feet.

They examined it and made sure everything was okay with the bear.

The police then took a group photo for nostalgia's sake.
"Say honey."

(photo belongs to VND)

After that, the bear was packed up and taken to gamelands
in Cambria County, and set free.

This finally proves that you can take the black bear out of theNEWK.

Let's hope for Cambria County residents, that you can take theNEWK
out of the black bear.



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