Friday, May 1, 2009

The Show Must Go On.

Just in case you won't be attending the cd realease party we
mentioned the other day, there is another music showcase that you
might be wanting to check out.

When: This Saturday at 8pm
Where: Highlands Senior High School auditorium, Natrona Heights
Who: Johnny Tillotson, Dick and Dee Dee, The Pixies Three
How Much: $35

How Much?
Wha Wha What?

Johnny Tillotson.Kinda reminds us of a mix of Barry Manilow and Vince van Patten
"Our name, is synonymous...with integrity."

Dick and Dee Dee
His hair scares us. Her scarab beetle ring is dope.

The Pixies Three
AKA: Cougars R' Us
Don't they all look like they host a cooking show?

If you actually go to this event, please email us some details. We won't be
able to attend this musical orgy, and we are very depressed about it.

Scarab rings and cougars are two of our favorites.


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