Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEWK The Vote!

Now listen up.

We were born and bred in local tavern parking lots.

And what is the first rule of bar etiquette?

- Don't trust your judgment of the opposite sex, when you are more than
7 beers deep.

Always a rule you want to abide by, for sure.

So, what's the second rule?

- Don't talk about religion or politics.

(This rule could really be number one, and probably would be,
if it weren't for that one night at the SportsPage that we'd rather not discuss.)

What are we getting at?
Well, it's local election day. Booyah.

"No, seriously, the list of bar rules...what are you getting at?"

We just wanted you to know...

We aren't here, standing up on a virtual soapbox, telling you who to vote for.
We just want you to do the right thing and vote.

Get up offa that thing...and vote till you feel better.

Seriously, you aren't being very American just sitting there staring
at your web browser.
(Unless of course, you are in line to vote while checking out theNEWK
on your blackberry or iphone, if that's the case...well done you.)

All I know is, I've lived around these parts my entire life.
And there aren't many people I've met, that I would trust to make a proper
decision for me.

So we're voting.

Do you trust us?

"Hit me two times!"


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