Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Official: We Are Awesome

We started this little site a little less than
a year ago, back in April of 2009.

We really weren't sure if anyone would care.

We also were fairly sure nobody would read it.

But we wrote, and laughed, and made fun
of stuff.

We were having a grand old time, just entertaining

Then the weirdest thing happened.

People started caring.
And responding.
And emailing.
And commenting.
And suggesting.

Then websites such as the official site for the city
of New Kensington started linking to us.

It was pretty cool.

We participated in parades.
We visited and reviewed restaurants.
We interviewed interesting people.
We proved to old high school classmates that we
were more than just lazy dopers.

It's been a good ride so far.

And we will be sad to see it end.

That's right kids, we here at theNewk have decided
to end our run while on top.

We appreciate all of our readers, as you really do
have a great sense of humor, which is what we dig the
most about you.

We will miss your emails, and comments and all
the other stuff we already mentioned.

But most of all, we will miss jaggin' you around.

Wha wha what?!?

We are just playing around.

We aren't going anywhere, people.

Calm down.

This post started off as a puff piece, because we've hit
a few milestones recently.

We have gotten over 20,000 unique page views.
We have over 1,000 amazing fans on facebook.
We have at least 2 groupies, that we know of.

For us, these are pretty big deals.

As we said before, we had no idea what was going to
happen when we started this thing.

But with people like you all around, we shouldn't be

Thanks for everything!

-The Newk Team

Don't forget to tell all your friends about us.


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