Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ramblings Of A Displaced New Ken Native

Yesterday, we asked for your help this week.

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Here is one we got...
Ramblings Of A Displaced New Ken Native

Let's see... If I take the Orange Belt to the Yellow Belt then pick up the Green Belt. That'll take me to the Blue Belt and then... I'll be hopelessly lost.

I remember growing up in New Ken back in the '70s and driving a truck for Monarch's Furniture. Following those belts drove me crazy. Narrow, winding roads winding their way along through the middle of nowhere down roads that always seemed narrower than my truck.

Fast forward to the summer of '09. I'm back home visiting my folks who still live in the area. Late afternoon and it's time to unwind so I kick the side stand up on my motorcycle and try to remember where to find some quiet back-roads. Up ahead I see a familiar sign, "Orange Belt" next left. With a smile on my face, I flick the turn signal on and lean the bike into the turn. I headed out through Plumb and leaned the bike into the twisties, enjoying every mile as the bike climbed through the hills. Somewhere along the way I zigged as the Orange Belt zagged but by the time I noticed it I was already on the Yellow Belt. I chased those yellow signs through countless little towns until I came across a Classic Car show in a small shopping center parking lot. What a treasure. I'm not so sure I liked seeing cars I grew up with being called "Classic" but I certainly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I couldn't help but smile as I watched people pointing at the Minnesota plates on my bike. Back on the road, I decided it was time to get a bite to eat and headed into the 'Burgh. It took a few wrong turns "dahn-tahn" before I found Primanti Brothers in the Strip District, but it was worth the search. I took my sandwich to go and headed across the River and sat in front of Heinz Field watching the boats going by as the sun set on another beautiful day back home. Gotta love those crazy belt highways.

Mike Maloney
VHS '74
Shakopee, MN

Thanks Mike!

We really enjoyed that a lot.

Please people, keep them coming.


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