Friday, March 26, 2010

You Should Help Us

Another crappy news day in the Newk.

We had no idea what to write about.

Then a friend asked us a question about something
we said yesterday.

So here is Friday's post...

In yesterday's post, we told you that our
one year anniversary is quickly approaching.

It got us thinking...

What should we do to celebrate this monumental

We were planning on giving you a big and
slightly humorous list of options.

But we don't feel like helping you.

It's your job to help us today.

So leave us a comment on here.
Say something on facebook.
Send us an email.
Blow up our pager.

Just get that idea to us.

We think you should throw us a party, and it should
feature some delicious fried chicken and cake.

But that's our idea.
We are just putting it out there.

Here is your Newk Weekend Weather Report:

"This weather does nothing good for my hair plugs."


Anonymous said...

You should have a cook-out in Memorial Park.

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