Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

What is it about Wednesdays that makes us lazy?

Maybe its because we don't like Hump Day.
Maybe it's because days that start with the letter
W freak us out.
Maybe it's because Tuesday night is a great night
to have a few drinks with friends.

Whatever the case may be.

We are lazy today.

And it's Wednesday.

Hence the name of this post.

So instead of making some lame news story seem way
more interesting than it actually is.

We decided to post a youtube video that makes us laugh.

We know, we know...

It's a total cop out.

But don't get mad until you watch this.

There may be a few swear words contained in this
little video.

But we're sure it's nothing that you haven't
heard while walking down Fifth Ave.

(Chatroulette is a video based chat site that connects
you with random strangers.)

Meet Merton.

You will probably watch that like 10 times in a row.

We understand.


Anonymous said...

The link is broken...

Lucy said...

This was so cool...that guy is something else!! You're right about the Fifth Avenue warning : )

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