Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Area, Better People

So the longer we've done this site, the more
opportunities we've had to meet some amazing
people from this area.

People we probably would have never met,
had we not decided to start this thing.

And that is something that makes doing this
site 5 days a week worthwhile.

Recently, we have met some outstanding folks.

People with great stories.
People with positive attitudes.
People that made us laugh.
People with great ideas.
People with great taste in dining.
Generous people.
Genuine people.
Caring people.

Fact is, some of us here (me particularly) have been
going through some rough times as of late.

And meeting people like the ones mentioned above,
has given me hope and put a smile on my face.

By no means am I taking anything away from the people
in my world that have always been there for me, and
continue to be there for me.

I'm just making a point that there is something about
this area, maybe something in the water, that makes
people around here so awesome.

These people are what makes this area what it is...


Sure we have our share of problems.

But we also have many bright spots.

And all we try to do here is point out some of those things.

The things to be enjoyed.

We want to talk about the good stuff, that maybe gets
passed over, or we take for granted.

I for one, take none of you for granted.

So for being so good to us, we'd like to give you a
little gift.

Well, it's not that little...

(No April Fools, either. We are dead serious.)


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