Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wash Your Rims, And Your Dog

Area residents can now wash their car, and their
pooch at the same place.

Their driveway.

No seriously.

If dog owners want to give Barkley a sudsy bath, they
can now pay $8 at their local self-serve car wash.

The Aqua Jet Express in Lower Burrell has a dog
wash station, featuring many different hypoallergenic
doggy shampoos.

They also have a dryer and a pet vacuum.


Long gone are the days of tossing Sparky into the
bathtub and having him slip around while you are kneeling
on a folded up towel.

Just walk Cujo up the ramp and into the waist-high tub.

The one thing that could be tough, is doing everything
in the allotted 8 minute window you get.

8 minutes sounds like a long time.

But when Lucy feels like wiggling around, and not letting
you get at her under belly, those seconds start to
tick by rather quickly.

So good luck, if you decide to give this a shot.

And just so you know, this is the Aqua Jet at the bottom
of Coxcomb, where the Parnassus Freeway ends.

We don't know how that's considered "Lower Burrell,"
but whatev.


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