Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rough Roads And Waterlines

This has been the view of Seventh Street Road between
Sheetz and the former Co-Go's for some time now.

They have been putting in some fancy pants 12-inch
waterline along the curb.
To the dismay of many loyal Stadium Bar patrons.

(Much respect to the Stadium folks, as we wouldn't
want to cross any of you. We do not get religious here...
but bless all of you, by whomever it is you believe in.)

Whew, that was a close one.

Okay, so they plan to pave that stretch of road this May.

Not the entire stretch, just half of it.

That's right, from the curb to the center line.

So if you are heading into the downtown area, sorry
about your luck.

Bumpy roads for you.

They will also be repaving Constitution Blvd, after a
super fancy pants 16-inch waterline was put in there.
Probably not the whole thing, but like half of it for a
few blocks, and the entire thing for a few blocks.

You know, all willy-nilly.

Some other lines on some other roads have also
been replaced, and the roads need repaving as well.

But we don't drive on those as much, and we have only
so much "care" around here to spare.

So get ready for some orange cones in the Newk.

As if we really needed to warn you about orange
cones coming once Spring has sprung.


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