Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Makes This Place Home?

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I have two brothers, both of which moved out-of-state years ago. One just came back up over Easter weekend for a visit, with plans to move back to the area (western Pennsylvania) in a few months. He and my sister-in-law have a new baby, and want to be closer to the new grandparents. The other brother left home years ago and never looked back. He visits very rarely and can’t wait to get out as soon as he arrives. I barely know his kids at all.

This got me to thinking...I’ve heard of a lot of people, old and young, who leave town then boomerang back to western Pennsylvania again to put down their roots. My parents live in the same house they bought in 1967, five minutes from each of their parents’ houses. I’ve lived all over the Pittsburgh area, but never out-of-state.

What makes some stay, some flee, and some return later? I’m interested in hearing from all Newk readers on the subject...those who left, those who stayed, those who are happy or unhappy with their decisions. What makes this place home? What makes it special? What makes it toxic? What kept you? What drove you away? If money was no object, would your decisions change?

Since the Newk’s readers are all above-average intelligence, I look forward to your answers.

Seriously, we here would also like to hear your

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