Friday, April 30, 2010

All Good Things...

"All good things must come to an end."

Someone said that once, and we think it's crap.

If something is good, why should it end?

But if something were once good (or maybe you just
thought is was), and it comes to an end,
may have mixed feelings about it.

Maybe you are happy about it.
Maybe you are sad.
Maybe it's the change that bothers you.
Maybe you are excited about the fresh start.
Maybe you look back and say,
"What the eff?"
Maybe you were just kidding yourself.
Maybe you wished really hard that things were good.
Maybe you have something new to look forward to.
Maybe it's for the best.

Yeah, that last one is the one we're gonna go with.
(Even though we also ike the next to last one too.)

You may be asking yourself, "What the heck are
these fools blathering about?"

Well, there are many things around here that we could
be talking about.

But we are talking about Birthday Week.

Yeah, all that was for Birthday Week.

We had a blast this past year doing Wingapalooza,
marching in parades, taking pictures (Thanks DC),
making fun of stuff, talking to you all, being accepted
for once in our lives, getting asked out on dates by
random strangers, interviewing great people, making
videos, meeting some readers...and the list goes on
and on.

We look forward to year number two with much

For being such great readers and friends, here is an
insider's look into our office.

Daily Operations.

We don't know this guys name, but he makes this
cheesy chicken dip for pot luck lunches, so we keep
him around.

Frank the Stank's cube.

My cube.
(It's 100% secure from government technologies.)

Not too shabby, eh?

We also have one more J-Dub picture from last weekend
to share with you.
(May not be suitable for young eyes.)

Nic Cage took Birthday Week off, so we'll just tell you
the forecast.

Today will be awesome.
Saturday will be decent, but may get crappy.
Sunday will be like Saturday.

Oh yeah, we have some info to pass along!

The EKCC is having a Flea Market tomorrow!
Here are the details:
Saturday @ the EKCC from 8am-3pm
Kitchen open for cabbage and noodles, ham bbqs,
hot dogs and kraut.
It's gonna be awesome.

So get down there and support those ladies, cause
they rock very hard.

There you have it, folks.

Our first official Birthday Week.
It's been real, but we gotta get back to work.



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