Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Week Hump Day

We got lots of good feedback on J-dub.
(As usual)

So we are going to start today with more pictures
of his travels to Dormont.

Chillin' on the mean streets of Dormont.

Hot Dogs and Beer = Thug Life

J-Dub hanging out at the VF-Dub

J-Dub and friends.
(I <3 Biff shirts available today!)


Happy now?

So here's the deal.

Being it's our birthday week, we had stuff to do
this evening.

So we really aren't prepared for much today.

But never fear, as these next 2 days will be chocked
full of delicious morsels of awesomeness.

We will explain the mysteries of some Newk icons like:

Nic Cage (The Weatherman)
Lee Greenwood
Snoop Dogg
And any others we can think of by tomorrow.

So stay tuned.

And get off our case...

It's our birthday week.


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