Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Week!

Exactly one year ago today, we started theNewk.

Here is what that first post said:
Welcome To theNEWK!

This is your one stop interweb place for all things concerning the New Kensington, Pa. and surrounding areas.

We will have everything from restaurant reviews to local events and personalities.

Check back daily and don't forget to tell your friends.

Just reading that magnificent post again, brings a little
tear to our eye.

C'mon now.

Go back and read it again, and ask yourself how did we
not win some sort of major award?

Luckily we don't need the gratification of material
awards and such.

Just a simple email from a reader or friend, is all
we need.

Or even when we get spotted at a local event and people
shout at us.

Which reminds us about something we've wanted
to talk about for some time now.

The pronunciation of our name.


We would prefer if people said 'the nuke.'

Now, much of this confusion falls on our shoulders.

See, early on in our site life, we would type our name
like this: theNewK

Which led many to believe that it was 'the New K.'

Which, it kind of is.
But that's not how we like to say it.

So just do what we want you to, and
we won't have
any problems, mmkay?

Now that we cleared that up, we can move on.

Here are some other things we'll be doing for
our birthday week:

We will explain some Newk icons and inside jokes.
We will post some birthday emails (keep em' coming).
J-Dub celebrated this past weekend, and we will
post pictures of his journeys.
We will explain the inner workings of our "office," and
maybe even reveal an identity of one of the crew.
We will talk about stuff in a witty and awesome way.

Y'all ready for this?


Lucy said...

You seriously have an "office"???? I think you should have red t-shirts with theNEWk printed on them for your birthday and do free give-a-ways....I'm just sayin' I would proudly wear one!!! (Size L..please)

Lucy said...

Oh, yeah almost forgot...Happy Birthday from City Hall!!!! You guys rock!!!

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