Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He's Baaaaa-aaack.

We know you all love J-Dub.

Why wouldn't you?

He is the baddest little dude this area has
ever seen.

Well, maybe Choppy with his winged hat,
may have
trumped J-Dub. But that's about it.

Back to our man.

He went out to celebrate our birthday this past
Saturday night.

Where did he go?

Back to Vegas?
Los Angeles?
South Beach?


He went to Dormont.

Because he's a party animal, and they were having
a Pub Crawl.

Here are some snapshots of J-Dub having the
time of his young life.

On his way to the first stop.

Getting settled in.

J-Dub seems to have a way with the ladies.

He's a lifetime member.

What did we tell you about his gigolo like ways?

Now, we will have many more pics of his night, coming
the rest of this week.

There are some doozies.

So keep checking in.

We have also received many great birthday emails, but
one in particular is getting published today.

Check this out!

...And Many More

Happy 1st Birthday theNewk!!

Admittedly I have not been with you since that first day. I think I started stopping by a day here and there, when you were about 3-months old. But then about a month later, I visited every Monday through Friday. Whether it was a shot of a street sign on Random Picture Mondays, a funny twist on a local news story, Wingapalooza, or a parade video, I was hooked.

You see, I was living out of the area and dealing with some personal struggles at the time. Seeing and hearing about my hometown somehow made me feel closer to my family and friends. Being 500 miles away, I came to appreciate having a little slice of home on a regular basis, plus there was the added bonus of your great sense of humor. Fast forward several months, and I have moved on from the personal struggles and am very near my family. One thing that has not changed is my devotion to theNewk.

Some of your readers may think that’s odd, and that’s fine! I’m sure everyone has his/her own stories and reasons for coming back to your site or being a fan on Facebook. Hopefully they’ll also send you some emails to share that with you.

I love what you guys are doing at theNewk. I look forward to celebrating many more Newk birthdays with you all.

Now go get some pizzas, wings and beers to honor this momentous occasion! Oh, and cake! Everyone needs cake and ice cream (or custard) to celebrate a birthday!

Happy Birthday theNewk!

Your Devoted Reader
Stuff like that blows us away.

Thank you so much.

And thanks to everyone else for sending in
amazing emails.

Everyone of them made us smile.


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