Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sports Cards And Collectables

Alright people, this weekend up at the mills mall,
there will be a ...

Ah wait.

Why don't we just let Dave tell you all about it.

I found your site because with me being a fellow st. joes falcon and st. joes spartan you did an interview with a fellow schoolmate of mine, anthony breznican. I found a link to your site to read the article on facebook. Not sure if you would be interested in doing anything with this, but I am promoting my 7th collectible show at the galleria at pittsburgh mills on march 19, 20 and 21. I know that there are a lot of sports cards and toy collectors in and around the new ken area and I'm just trying to get the word across that there is going to be a collectible show this weekend right in their own backyard. This is going to be the biggest show to date (over 34 tables) and am just trying to drum up some advertising for it. Any questions feel free to email me. I lived in new ken for 25 years and am currently working on my 5th year right down the street in arnold. Thank you for your time!
Dave Arvay
That's right, get off your butts and get to the mills
and buy a Honus Wagner rookie card or something.

But you better beat us there if you expect to find
any Charles Barkley memorabilia.

Because not liking Sir Charles, is turrable.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave Arvay! How you doing, man!

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