Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cause Why?

Every now and again, we hear about a cause so
great, we feel the need to take action.

This is one of those times, and one of those emails...

Livestrong Challenge - Philly

Dear NewK. Thank you for taking interest in my fund-raising effort for the 2010 Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia, PA on August 22, 2010. I will be riding a 100 mile course through the greater-Philly area in support of this GREAT cause! Any help advertising, donations, or simple "good lucks" are GREATLY APPRECIATED! I have included a form letter and link to my personal donation page below (I am trying to raise $250, however there is no cut off in the amount I can raise). Thank you all for the help and support, I'll be sure to send you some pictures of the event after I'm all wrapped up with everything (maybe I can rock a I <3 Biff shirt after I'm all finished as well...wink wink hint hint...or throw a NewK decal on my bike or helmet for the ride).

Thank you again!!!


Join me for the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly on August 22, 2010 and pick a fight with cancer.

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is LIVESTRONG's signature fund-raising event inspired by the hope, courage and determination that exist in all of us. We take to the streets on bikes and on our feet, uniting individuals to stand together to fight cancer.

For the 2010 LIVESTRONG Challenge, Zack Harris will be riding 100 miles through the greater Philly area and is hoping to raise at least $250 to support cancer prevention, provide access to screening and care, fund research, and enhance the quality of life for cancer survivors everywhere. Your donation of any amount is one more powerful weapon in the crucial fight against cancer.

Through the dollars and awareness that we raise, we will inspire and empower individuals, and we will make life better for the more than 28 million people worldwide who are living with cancer. We look forward to having you unite with us as a partner in our fight.

Please follow the link below to access Zack's personal donation page:

Join the Fight. Take the Challenge.

Thank you, and LIVESTRONG,

- Zack -
All of us here have known and loved someone that
has lost a battle with cancer.

To know the lives of loved ones will be enriched by an
organization such as this, well, it brings a smile to our
collective faces.

We will be so proud of you, if you would make even a small
donation for this amazing event.

We don't make money doing this site.

And to know what we did here, made even the smallest
difference in the world, would make it all worthwhile.

We would like any of you that donate, to let us know, so
we can thank you properly.

Zack is a solid human.

Click that link, and give what you can.

Oh, and Zack...

Be on the lookout for that I <3 Biff shirt.
(Being a man that can ride a bike for 100 miles, we
figure you wear a size schmedium?)

We can't wait for the pictures!

Ride safe. Livestrong.


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