Friday, July 23, 2010

Newk In The 80's


Yesterday, we knew we'd have a tough time making today's
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Anyways, here is the email we decided to post today:

Confessions Of A Teenage Newk Drama Queen

Born and raised in the Newk, I thought I'd share my memories from the 80s.

I remember WWF wrestling coming to Valley High School.
I remember shopping for penny candy before going into Valley Middle School.
I remember when the Valley Drama club had a budget of $12 and a musical wasn't even an option!
I remember the day Bill Callahan got drafted by the Steelers.
I remember marching in the band across the C.L.Schmidt bridge, with it swaying the whole time.
I remember how we all went to Ben's to get satin varsity jackets.
I remember my grandfather growing a beard to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of New Kensington.
I remember when there were OPTIONS to go swimming locally, Crystal Springs and Melwood.
I remember a really stupid rumor about cocaine in the pizza sauce at Crystal Springs (hey, we were 12, we believed it.)
I remember going to Jack's restaurant in Sarver and checking out the bison.
I remember Italian Burritos at Al's Tavern, burger's at Andy's Restaurant and Syrian bread from Bitars but my dad would never shut up about the fries and gravy at the Rustic Inn.
I remember shopping in downtown New Kensington. (Seriously.)
I remember our dads playing in softball tournaments at Falcon's Park, while the kids scoured the creek looking for crawfish.
I remember hoping "Saint A's" would still be open when I turned 21. (It wasn't.)
I remember buying school shoes at Don Miller Shoes but more importantly, buying Kennywood shoes and a new outfit.

I remember my childhood in this city and the ones surrounding it, and I remember how much I loved it here. I loved it so much that I have stayed, raised my own drama queen here and no amount of bad press will make me leave. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings from the 80's...May the Newk be with You.


That was great!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write, and
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We enjoyed the hell out of it.

And we are quite sure everyone else did, as well.

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Jess L said...

Great list!!
We always got shoes at Don Millers. I specifically remember getting a pair of K-Swiss there and I loved them.
My dad also played softball at Falcon's Park.

Of course you needed new shoes for Kennywood, and I remember as a girl getting matching outfits with a friend.

I'll always have great memories of growing up in the NewK, and sometimes I'm a little sad that I left.

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