Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ever Seen The Movie 'Signs?'

M. Night Shamalamadingdong was kinda
cool, back in the day.

But these days, he's kinda meh.

Wait a second, what the hell are we blathering about?

We wanted to write something about signs, or a
sign, or something.


We got it.

Back on track.

Let's do this.

So, a few weeks ago, we noticed some fellows building
something out of bricks, and the stuff that goes
between them.

What is that stuff called again?


We keed, we keed.

We know that Mordor is where Frodo and the kid
from The Goonies, took that ghetto gold ring.

Anyways, they used mortar and bricks to create a sweet
new "Welcome To Downtown New Kensington" sign, just
across the tracks from the old Comcast building
along Constitution.

It's really frickin' nice.

Have you even noticed it?

If you haven't, here is a picture we took yesterday
with our new phone camera.

We are proud of this area, and think this sign is perfect.

Now all we need are some sweet attractions and
shops for people to actually visit while downtown.

One step at a time though, we guess.


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