Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where Credit Is Due

If you have been thinking about getting some higher
learning, there is no better time than now.

Because unlike everything else in this world...

- Gas
- Food
- Beer
- Clothing
- Internet Smut

You know, the essentials.

There is one thing around here where the price
remains the same.

College credits.

That's right, bookworms.

Go get some credits for the same price as those
suckers paid this past year.

$76 per.
(For county residents)

They even have a new program that has something
to do with homeland security.

Cliff Shrum, WCCC Coordinator of Community
Preparedness, was a main factor in the development
of that program.

We really have nothing to say about it.

We just wanted to mention that guy's name and title, cause
as you already realize... it's totally awesome.

So there you have it.

Head on down to Fifth ave, and sign up for
fall classes.

Your wallet will thank you.


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