Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DQ On Our Minds

Yesterday, we posted a picture of the Dairy Queen
on Freeport Rd., for random picture Monday.

We then asked people on facebook to pick their favorite...

Dilly Bar or Buster Bar?

Buster Bar jumped out to an early lead, but Dilly started
making a Seabiscuit type move.

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As we sat back and watched the votes roll in, some of
us starting reliving our own memories from this local


We remember:

Going there after many wins during little league games,
down at the Valley fields.

The whole team would jump out of their parent's cars, with
the dust of a stolen base still on our skin tight
baseball pants.

"Sweat rings" lining the turned around mesh-back cap of
whichever local sponsor paid for our team's gear.

Every time, felt like the first and best time.


We remember the first night we had our legit driver's license.

Driving alone to the DQ in our mom's station wagon.

Buying a milkshake with the 4 dollars she gave us
for gas.

Feeling like everyone was looking at us, because we
were cool enough to drive there alone.

Reminiscing about the trick question that caused us to fail
our first permit test...

"If you are right-handed, which hand would you hold
your ice-cream cone with, while driving?"

Damn you, sneaky PENNDOT.


There are just a couple stories.

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Even if it's boring... we'll toss some sprinkles on it for you,
and serve it up with a smile.


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