Friday, October 15, 2010

Newker Halloween Ideas #2

Yesterday we started a series of posts about some
ideas we had for Halloween costumes.

You can take what you want from these suggestions.

Not that we think our ideas are amazing, but they are.

This next pick, is one of the greatest characters
in American cinema.

And you thought we weren't cultured.

Shame on you.

Back to the costume.

This outfit wouldn't really take much to put together.

An orange tank-top, some matching orange shorts, and
maybe a white robe.

Wanna take a guess who we're talking about?

We hope you guess fast, cause we're gonna tell you
in the next sentence.

It's... Thornton Mellon!

That's right, we are taking you Back To School.

The Triple Lindy is no joke.

This next commercial reminds us of the Ben's High and Wide,
back in the day on Fifth.

Seriously, if any of you dress as Thornton, and you don't
send us a picture, we will hunt you down and channel
the spirit of Sam Kinison as the professor, and rip
you a new one.

Now go practice your armpit farts.


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