Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wine Country - Newk Style

The events have been rolling in.

But before we get to the particulars, we'd like to tell you
why we support this event.

This wine tasting we are going to tell you about, benefits the
People's Library.

Ah, the People's Library.

Many hours of our childhood were spent in this building.

We entered a chess tournament when we were 7ish.
(Don't call us nerds... chess is badass.)

We sat on the steps in the kids section, reading
Where The Wild Things Are.
(So what if we were 25 when we did it. That book was good.)

We did hours of research for our senior paper on sharks.
(Okay, maybe it was more 'hour' than 'hours.')

We remember signing in for the bathroom key, and being
handed a 2x4 with a key attached to it.
(We attempted, and completed a 2-point conversion.)

We have many other memories of the library.

Sadly, we ran out of jokes.

Moving on.

We were informed of a wine tasting taking place at the
People's Library on Barnes St.

Here is the info...

Peoples Library
Adventure with Wine

Tuesday, October 19th
Peoples Library ~ 880 Barnes Street ~ New Kensington

Tickets are $30 each with all proceeds benefiting Peoples Library.
Visit us at to register.
Or stop by our New Kensington or Lower Burrell locations.
Deadline to register is Monday, October 11th.

Come try 5 different wines!

Accompanied by delicious appetizers provided by Hofstott's.


Word up!

Hurry up and register.

Time stands still for no man.

And you might not get any wine, if we get there first.
So be on time.


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