Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking The High Road

We would have loved to bitch about some personal
crap on the site today, but, we are choosing
to take the high road.

It's how we roll.

So anyways.

We want to play a game.

It's called...

Guess The Next Picture

It's an awesome game.

As you will soon enough see.

We were going to explain how it works, like all in detail
and stuff.

But the name pretty much does all the explaining
that needs to be done.

Here is today's image...

So go ahead, and take a guess what tomorrow's picture
will be.

Do it here, or on our facebook page.

No, you don't win anything.

As we could easily cheat, and tell our friends the answer.

It just sounds like fun, right?

Do it.


Chelsea said...

Does tomorrows picture have anything to do with todays picture? Or will it be random?

Anonymous said...

J-Dub on the scale?

Lucy said...

I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!?????

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