Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Came, We Walked, We Took J-Dub Along

We got to the American Heart Association Walk just before
9:30am this past Sunday, and a good crowd had
already started to gather.

And right off the bat, we knew it was gonna be a great day.

How couldn't it be, when there is a minivan with Jonas Brother
graphics all over it?


The event started at beautiful Heinz Field.

J-Dub, being a huge Steelers fan, was in his glory.

This next picture, aside from being a work of art/Art, is
one of our favorites for a couple reasons.


How awesome is Mr. Rooney & J-Dub?

Do we even need to list our reasons?


And you know how much we love our lists.

Now, we told J-Dub, that you fine folks didn't want to look
at a bunch of pictures of him in front of Steeler stuff.

But he insisted.

And when J-Dub insists, you do as you're told.

(He is totally in Franco's Italian Army)

Another thing he is a fan of, is free schwag.

Especially free frisbees.

(And camel toe.)

He decided not to climb the rock wall, but rarely passes up
a chance to pose next to phallic objects.

He grabbed a front row spot for a performance by the youth
rock group "Intermission."

J-Dub is a huge fan of balloon boy.

(His escort is not, and had a mini panic-attack when setting
up this shot.)

This St. Bernard puppy was part of our walking team.

(J-Dub is afraid of dogs.)

But he is not afraid of free cookies.

Thanks again to Chelsea Bakes! for the awesome basket.

It was filled with:
Oatkin Raisin Cookies (Oatmeal/Pumpkin/Raisin)
Yeah, they are amazing.
Mini Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes
Nut Rolls

Everything was a hit.

Thanks again to Chelsea for donating these great snacks.

Check out her website HERE.

Now, after a nice 5k walk to support the American Heart
Association, is there any better way to celebrate than to
have a delicious, yet healthy lunch?

We think not.

So we let J-Dub decide where to eat.

And he said...

"A good 5k deserves some good 5 Guys."

Who are we to argue with that kind of logic?

So from all of us here at theNewk.com

We say thank you for your support!

And no, there were no leftovers...


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