Friday, October 1, 2010

Post #400 Is An Important One

It seems like yesterday that we made our first post
on this little site.

Thousands of page views, and nearly 1200 facebook
fans later, our mothers couldn't be any more proud.

It's been quite the ride.

But enough patting ourselves on the back.

(We rather have you pat us on our back-side.)

You know what we're saying?
Hubba hubba.

Anyways, we need some help.

Every now and again, a friend of ours does something
so righteous, noble, giving, selfless, and awesome...
that we feel the need to support them in any
way we possibly can.

This is one of those times.

Our friend Mandy has put together a team of walkers
(us included), that will be doing a 5k walk around Heinz
Field on Sunday Oct. 10th.

It benefits the American Heart Association.
Maybe you've heard of them?

We need as many donations as we can get.

Now, we have a goal, but we'd love to blow that thing
out of the friggin' water.

So please take a minute to click the following link and
check out the secure donation page.

You would make us oh so happy if you did.


You can make a donation right there!

It's really easy.

We promise to thank everyone that lets us know they donated.

And if we exceed our goal, we promise to take a bunch of rockin'
pictures at the walk, and post em' for your enjoyment.

Any questions, or to make a donation by check or cash,
just email us at

Well, we're waiting.


Have a great weekend, people.


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