Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Inbox Overfloweth

So lately, there hasn't been much going on around here that has peaked our interest.

In fact, we are so bored that we are laying in bed, after a night of sampling the goods at House Of 1000 Beers, writing this very drivel on our Android celly.

(Which we will be doing a review on, here in the near future. The beer joint, not our celly. Relax dc.)

That's kinda news worthy, right?

Anyways, we usually post positive emails, cause thats mostly what we get. (Yeah, we're awesome.)

But here is one that had an issue with our sense of humor...

Dear NEWK,

I read your site just about daily, but that may stop if you make even 1 more lame joke about a Ford Focus. It doesn't make sense, and its not the least bit humorous. So please make up something that's actually funny. Like when you make fun of Oakmont's goofy brick streets.



Thanks, Jan!

Even though you called us stupid, and not funny... we still dig that you took the time away from watching terrible Jay Leno to send us an electronic mail on your commodore 64.

Now take a hike, before you make us angry.


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