Thursday, September 16, 2010

Convenience On Constitution

It's official.

A new convenience store will be coming to the area.

Filling in the former Jo-Duke Pontiac dealership on
the 1500 block of Constitution.

They didn't tell us if this would be a big chain type store,
or if it's gonna be Frank's Market type of joint.

But then again, nobody tells us anything.

Speaking of Frank's Market, how awesome was that place?

It was by far the most entertaining of all the local places
to buy cigarettes as a minor.

All you needed to grab a pack of squares, was 2 bucks and
a piece of paper that read...

"These cigarettes are for me. Sincerely, Mom"

It really is a shame that a couple D-bags burned that shop
down by tossing fireworks in it or something.

Frank and his dad were class acts.

Sure they'd yell at you as you were buying something, but who

They were hilarious.

We can only hope that Frank is opening up this newest

We might have to start smoking again.


dennic said...

Oh my gosh! my sister and I were just talking about Franks a few hours ago!!! How nasty young Frank was and he counted out sweedish fish with his crooked fingers, pushing them right on the dirty counter and WE ALL ATE THE CANDY!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!! Didn't think about that stuff as kids! Franks was the place to be. Great memories of walking to Franks to buy penny candy!!

Unknown said...

Bought my first can of Copenhagen there 39 years ago, and am still chewing today! Frankies was a mecca for a coke after a hot day on the basketball court on the way home.

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