Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day At The Park

This past Monday (Labor Day), we took the short drive
to Northmoreland Park for the festivities.

Northmoreland is one of our favorite parks.

It reminds us of cruising through there in the 80's, in the back
seat of our parents Chevy, watching all the cool kids drink
beer in their cut-off jorts.

(Jean-Shorts = Jorts)

And while we waited in the super long line of traffic, we saw a
silver pair of balls.

We imagine the folks driving this beast were sporting a
fresh pair of jorts.

Maybe even cargo jorts?


Here is the view from our parking lot.

Once inside, we smelled the unmistakable smell of
petting zoo.

A friend told us a terrifying story of an aggressive llama,
so we kept our distance.

We don't get political, but we took a short listen to what
Joe Sestak had to say.

It was awful, so we bailed.

We found our way near the circus tent, after a quick romp
through the flea market area.

This mohawk dude wearing hammer pants was juggling
or something.

It was awful, so we bailed.

Next stop:
Food Booths!

Now we're talking.

They had the sweet stuff...

Arnold VFD was cooking the fries, just right.

Someone was selling these items.

We love the Tasty Pie.

Did someone say sausage?

Oh, we love the sausage as well.

(Our food tastes are surely bi-curious.)

And that's what we ended up getting.

Sausages and Fries.

We like to keep it healthy.

Notice the veggies on our sausages?

We finished up our grub session, just as a few friends
and family started walking by.

We ended up hanging out for quite a bit longer.

We played a dart game, and got to pick a dusty prize
out of a dusty cardboard box.
We just avoided a large pile of Clydesdale crap in the
parking area.
We looked through table after table of $3 knockoff sunglasses,
and didn't buy a pair.

It was glorious.

If you missed it...

You suck.

You don't suck very bad though, cause you are reading this.


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