Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back To School, Back To School...

To prove to dad, that I'm not a fool...

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the kids
in the New Ken/Arnold School District.

As if you facebook users didn't notice the sudden influx
of "children waiting for the bus" pictures.

It got us to thinking.

We thought about the first day jitters.

That first day was the only day we did certain
things throughout the school year.


Pick out what we were wearing the night before.
Woke up on the first buzz of the alarm clock.
Had all of our homework done.
(We know, there was no homework. That's the point.)
Ate a banana, instead of a snack pack.
It's safe to say, that we weren't the biggest fans of the
educational process.

As if you couldn't tell by our awkward "writing" style.

We spent more time staring out of windows, than at
the chalk board.

But one thing we learned, was that porn and fart jokes keep
bringing people back to your website.

So we stick with what works.

But while we got you, we would like to take this chance
to wish all students a productive and successful school year.

Work hard.
And stay off the dope.

That's what we do.


Stop looking at me, swan!


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