Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV Shows, Yo.

As we've said before, emails make our day/morning.

You also know that any communications between Frank the Stank and us, make our week.

This is another one of those occasions...


What up Newk bros?
I was reading the site todays and wanted to tell you bout some of me and my shortys top piks. You know, the tv shows,yo. There was a couple on your lists we liked like the one with the nerds andthat hot chick from that older show that john Ritter died on. that dude was mad funny. respect. Anyways we be watching that one with the short family that be slingin pumpkins on they farm. We also watch Entourage in hbo (we borrow the pay channels from our neighbours) cause that turtle dude looks fat as hell but really isn't. That freaks me out. We like the one with the crabs and the dirty guys that always be gettin rained and snowed on. then we watch mad men cause that redhead with the cans be driving me craxy.
Alright dudes talk to yall later.
frank the stank


We can't wait to hear from you again.



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