Friday, September 17, 2010

What Have We Done?

What have we done?


Absolutely nothing.

It's Friday, and we have crap to do today.

We thought about posting a catchy tune.

But we couldn't find anything worthy.

We considered a write up about high school football.

But we aren't the friggin' Birdie from the VND.

We pondered revealing our secret identities.

But nobody gives a damn who we are.
(Even though they should, cause we're wicked handsome.)

We tossed around the thought of talking about all the delicious
pumpkin/October beers that we've been enjoying.

But our families already worry about us drinking too much.

So, this is what you get.

Random words, about random stuff.

Now, we do have a few things on the back burner.

Including a piece about local rapper Young Roach.

If you have some time, check out his youtube page.
And don't get all uptight, he likes to swear.

So do we.


Oh snap, don't forget about the flea market at Freedom Inn

Info can be found HERE.

Be sure to buy some tasty treats from our good friend,
Chelsea Bakes.

Thank us later.


theNEWK said...

We obviously don't proofread.

We said we ARE the VND Birdie, and we aren't.

That dude sucks.

theNEWK said...


We were actual able to edit the post on our phone. This opens up a whole new realm of mobile posting possibilities.

Whatch out now.

Chelsea said...

Tasty Treats are baked... hope to see tons of people out tomorrow!!!! Thanks again NEWK!

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