Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Newkette Makes The Front Page

One of our good friends (Squidy) was enjoying a good
cooling off session this past Monday, when a photographer
for the paper asked if he could capture a shot of the
kids playing in the water.

Squidy, being the fine human he is, said "sure thing."

The next day, he awoke to the image of his beautiful daughter
gracing the front page of the Tribune Review.

The proud papa showed me the paper, and I knew what I
would be sharing with my loyal Newk readers, this fine Wednesday.

This may not be the hard-hitting, story breaking news we normally
bring you.

But it's what you get.

So be thankful.


Don't forget to tell us where we should eat pizza.

No idea what we are talking about?

See yesterday's post.


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