Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pizza Fest Update

Last week we asked you all to give us some ideas
on where to get a good pizza pie around here.

Obviously, we already have our favorites.

But Pizza Fest is bigger than us.

If that's even possible.

You all answered the call.

And we thank you for that.

Here is a list of some of the places you mentioned...

(Mama) Rosa's
Perry Di Pizzaman
Villa Ballanca
From Italy
Ralphie G's
La Nova
River City
The Roundhouse
Boulevard Bistro

That's a hell of a list so far, eh?

We totally need to raise a few funds to afford our
journey into pizza heaven.

We may even send a friend out with some I <3 Biff
shirts to sell at the upcoming Freedom Inn
flea market, that we will tell you about very soon.

If you have a pizza suggestion, tell us about it.

If you own, know, or frequent any of these places, and wish
to help us out, mention us to the people there.

Heck, give em our email address.

"May the slice be with you."


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