Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's A Brick...



That's right kids.

The bricks in Oakmont aren't going anywhere soon.

And we hate them more than ever.

Seriously though.

If you ever read/browse/take a poop on this site, you
know we can't stand those damn brick roads.

And the fact that they are paying some landscaping company
to fix areas of Delaware and Allegheny River Blvd., means
many more years of bouncing through that town.

They are paying them like $58,000 to do these repairs.

All they had to do was give us the green light, and we would have
happily pulled out each brick, one at a time, and chucked
them directly into the river.

We might have even raised a few bucks for the city, by charging
a dollar for the chance to toss one into the Allegheny.

Ugh, whatev.

Like we should expect anything less from Oakmont.


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