Thursday, October 7, 2010

Out Of Africa,,,

and into our backyard.

You have no idea what we're talking about, huh?

Well listen up.

Actually, don't listen.

Just read this email...

Love love LOVE your blog.
Just want you to know of an upcoming event at the Valley High School Auditorium...

African's Children Choir
7 pm October 13, 2010
hosted by The River-A Community Church
The concert is FREE. For more info call 724-337-4837

This group of children from Africa were here last year, but the concert was held in the church itself on Freeport Road. There wasn't enough room for them to perform along with all the people who attended.
This year, it is going to be at VHS auditorium.
Families in the church have the children stay in their homes while they are here performing.
Hope you can attend.

What an awesome sounding event.

We will do everything we can to make it.

And hopefully, some folks reading this will go as well.

Thanks for telling us about this!

And thanks for love love loving our site.
That means a lot.


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