Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Clarks Are Coming


The Clarks are coming to the Newk.

That's right, kids.

The Pittsburgh based rock band is gonna melt faces at the
Penn Ken Fall Festival this Saturday.

(We aren't sure why the dude in red is standing like that, but whatevs.)

They aren't the only attraction, just the best (in our opinion).

Seriously though, no offense to the:
- Car Cruise from 11am - 2pm
- Bed Races from 11am - 3pm
- Ibeji Drum Ensemble will perform African Music in the upper lot @ 2pm
- Craft and Food Vendors all day in the upper lot (funnel cakes, haluski,
pulled pork, brisket and many other yummies)
- (band) Bishop Clay will take the stage at 4pm
- And The Clarks will rock out at 5

There are many other things to do there, so grab the kids and
head on up to Upper Burrell.

Everything, especially the Bed Races, are sure to be a great time.

We are sad that we didn't get a bed racing team together
for this
year's festival. You can bet we'll be ready next year.


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