Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yo I Loves That Song

Its be a while.

Its been a long long while.

Since we have heard from our boy Frank the Stank.

So you could imagine our delight last night when we read this...

Yo newk dudes
that picture you posted yestreday of under the bridge yeah that was bad ass fer sure. then you finished it off with the red hot chilli peppers lyrycs .. you all had me singin yo .. under the bridge down town..is where i drew sum blood. Yo i loves that song. it reminds me of when i was young and people wasnt all highstrung and stuff. you know. people these days are in such a big hurrry to get places. it drive s me crazy. loco you know? oh snap that reminds me of another decent song... insane in the memmbrane.. insane in da brain!
peace and chicken grease-
frank the stank

We are setting the over/under on how many PBR's Frank had before he
wrote that email at 9.

Place your bets.


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