Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's New Pussycat?

Bad news (bears) coming out of the local animal shelter scene.

It seems a kitten may have the rabies infection.

This kitten was brought to the shelter a little while ago, after what
appeared to be an attack.

They think a raccoon may have gotten to her.

And we all know that those Newk raccoons are some scary bastards.

And it's likely this one had the rabies.

So anyways, a male volunteer went to clean out the living quarters
of the kitten, when he was bitten several times.

And from what we hear, rabies shots totally suck.

So we wish this noble citizen the best of luck.


Little known fact:

Raccoons bark.

Seriously, there was one on our porch one time, and it started barking
at us as we approached it.

He was a stubborn dude, and wouldn't allow us to pass.

Much like the black knight.

(It's just a flesh wound.)

Lucky for us, we decided to skip our lunchtime apple, so we had
something to chuck at him.

Not really thinking of the possibility that we were giving him even
more reason to be an angry squatter, by providing him a
delicious snack.

We threw the golden delicious much like we did when we pitched for
the Eagles in little league.

And just like then, our accuracy was much better in our head, than
it was on the field.

Luckily, the raccoon did not want to wait for us to throw ball 2, and
scurried his barking ass out of there.

Thank goodness we weren't prairie doggin' it that night, as it was
quite the intense standoff.


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