Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heights Is Low


Brackenridge Country Club, was the site of many a
high school golf match, as well as a few drunken late nights
later in our lives.

It was a nice club.

It had a golf course (only 9 holes), a pool, and a nice clubhouse/
bar and restaurant.

Sadly, over the past few years, it wasn't getting the needed memberships
to keep afloat.

And is 2010, it shut it's doors for good.

Now it's owned by First Commonwealth for the low low price
of just $1825.80.

Not too shaby for 65 acres of prime real estate.

The fact is, over $900k is owed to First Commonwealth, and they
are hoping to get that amount back.

The club was recently listed for $2.1 mil.

We hope someone buys it and does something good with it.

There are talks of housing/restaurants/grocery store/a bank/various
businesses and a convenience store.

Sounds pretty dope to us.


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