Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear J-Dub (#01)

Today we are starting a new segment.

It's called: Dear J-Dub

It goes like this...

You send a question via email to

We forward it to J-Dub.

He answers it, and sends it back.

We post it for everyone to read.


Here is the first ever Dear J-Dub...

Hey J-Dub,
There is a hot chick that goes to the bar I hang out at on Saturdays. I know you get tons of attention from the ladies. So what can I do to get her to dig me?

Thanks in advance,

Dearest Josh,

You have come to the right person my friend. The ladies LOVE J-Dub.I'd be glad to help a brother in need...First off, pay close attention to her drink of choice. When she gets close to needing a refill, buy your favorite shot and one of whatever the lovely lady is drinking... Secondly, drink your shot (a little liquid encouragement never hurts) and walk her drink over to her. Any schmo can send a drink over to a lady using the bartender. You never wanna lose an opportunity for verbal interaction. Initiating the conversation is truely half the battle... Now comes the chance to test your game. Remember, be calm, be smooth. It's all about having confidence...If your game is half as good as mine, you'll be hittin Sheetz for a box of Magnums in no time...good luck and let me know how it turns out.

The Little Mack Daddy,

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