Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dirty Detergent

If you've ever crossed the Hulton bridge (connecting Oakmont
and Harmarville) on a hot day, you've likely got one of the worst
whiffs of doo-doo smell that you've ever come across.

The poo plant on the Harmar side, is usually boiling away over there,
and the smell will change the way you view the world.

A couple days ago, they spilled 2600 gallons of a industrial
strength concentrated detergent in the Allegheny.

It looked like a bunch of white foam creeping down the banks.

Turns out, this stuff causes irritations in humans, and is toxic to
aquatic animals.

And it looks as though about 30 fish so far have lost their lives due
to this accident.

With more likely on the way.

The stuff is highly diluted by the river water (especially after all the
damn rain yesterday).

But swimmers and boaters are still urged to steer clear of its path for a
few more days.

Which doesn't sound like a tough request with this forecast.

Too bad the detergent didn't smell like Downy April Fresh, cause the
stinky bridge sure could have used it.


Seeds of Doom said...

It's a shame they couldn't come up with a non-toxic, good-tasting, nutritious version of the detergent. People could drink it...and then we wouldn't need the poo plant at ALL!

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