Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's A Liger

"It's pretty much my favorite animal."

Now, we've been hearing rumors for years that a mountain lion has 
been roaming the woods of the Alle-Kiski Valley. 

We put as much stock in that rumor, as we did about the Green Man 
that haunts Coxcomb Hill at midnight on rainy nights. 

But there seems to be a little more validity to this claim, as local 
residents are actually getting the large pussy in their rifle scopes. 

A local man even got off a shot, but missed. 

He said the cat was around 70 or so pounds. 

The local game commission doesn't agree though. 

The think people are seeing a bobcat, as there are many living in this area. 

Mountain lions weigh in at about 140 lbs, while bobcats come in around 40. 

And being as how men generally error on the high-side of their guesses about size 
of things (not us - hubba hubba), we are figuring it was a bobcat that was seen. 

And we hope that's the case. 

We don't have the stamina or speed to get away from a 7-foot long lion. 

Hell, we don't have the stamina and speed for a proper whoopie session. 

But we do our best, and that's what counts. 

Right, ladies? 

Meh, who cares what you floozies think anyways. 


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