Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

As we sat around the Newk offices last night, wondering what to 
write about today, a few things came up... 

The fire at Hanes' in LBC. 
The recent rains. 
The new signs that adorn the street lights downtown. 

But as we talked about these hot topics, a familiar 
sound shot from our flatscreen's speakers... 

 "At Kellerman's we come together, visitors, staff and guests..." 

 Yeah, it was the familiar sound of Mr. Kellerman's lisp that snatched every 
last fiber of our attention.

We not only watched the sweet final dance scene, we threw the dvd in, and relived 
one of the greatest movies in which Jerry Orbach ever said... 

"I know you weren't the one that got Penny in trouble." 

It's safe to say that the rest of the night was filled with beverages, and sing-alongs. 

Oh, and quotes... tons of quotes. 

Hopefully you understand. 

Dirty Dancing has a strange power over us. 


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